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Caring for your Designer Brassiere

For most of us, it gives an uplifting feeling when we get to own something nice. Whether it is a gift or something you purchased yourself, happiness comes with pretty objects, especially when they came with a price that you think is only fair. Even something small can give us women that kind of feeling. A brassiere, for example, designer or otherwise, whether it is to be seen by you alone or for another person’s benefit, can have the ability to add sparkle to our lives.

A lot of this designer stuff can be expensive, and in most cases, we pay for them with hard-earned money, but this doesn't always have to be the case. These days, online boutiques offer the same products with considerably cheaper price tags. There are varieties to choose from and you can find more than one which should fit you perfectly. Add to that is the convenience of not having to come out of your house or office and simply wait for your purchase to be delivered to you.

Because the items you bought are precious not just literally but also sentimentally, it is only right that you take special care of them. Although the materials used to make designer bras are top class and durable, there are still specific ways to clean them and would not take kindly to the same treatment as other fabrics like cotton.

You can either inquire with the store owner through the Internet on how to properly wash them or simply refer to the label in the items, if there are any. Most brassieres made of lace or silk need to be hand washed. Use soap that is not too harsh, a mild detergent or perhaps hand soap.Be careful of the temperature of the water you use. Cold water is ideal.

How they are dried after washing also needs to be considered. Putting them in the dryer is not recommended as they may become deformed in addition to the heat doing damage to the fabric. Direct sunlight is also not ideal.

The best and safest method is letting it dry in the air. Lastly, try not to wear them constantly. You might be tempted to wear a bra by day and wash it at night in order to wear it again in the morning.

It is preferable not to wash them constantly so it is recommended that you own other bras of the type you like so that you could alternate between them.

Closet Essentials: Cashmere Tops

Dressing up is one of the perks of being a woman…or a man, for that matter. We deal with our day to day activities and sometimes, when there is a chance to be able to go out and let your hair down, so to speak, knowing that you can choose any outfit that would suit your mood is a definite pick-me-upper. So what immediately comes to mind when this happens? A pair of jeans? A sexy black dress? What about a long boho outfit?

Then again, most individuals, especially those ranging from the early twenties to the late twenties, would definitely go for jeans and pretty top kind of look. In this case, imagine yourself dining out with friends, or what about imagining what you would wear on a date with someone special. What kind of impression would you want to go for? Would you go for something casual and chic? Why not choose a good pair of skinny jeans and a cashmere top? With the right shop, not only would you be able to grab those cashmere tops at a great price, you would also be adding quality clothing to your closet. What’s more, cashmere tops would definitely be best worn at any type of event.

These days, jeans paired with the right top would always be considered fashionable… that is, when it is worn with class and style with the right kind of top. Some may say cashmere is only good for cold winter months. We say, definitely not. While cashmere may certainly be ‘best worn’ during the winter season, there are several cashmere tops and even cashmere sweaters that can be worn on other seasons as well. It is all about finding the right kind of cashmere top. Remember, cashmere provides better comfort over other types of wool, so when you know what types of cashmere tops to purchase, you can wear them with jeans, slacks, or even over a long flowy skirt.

Cashmere tops are definitely pricey. They can certainly make your pocket wince. In the long run though, when you purchase this specific type of clothing, know how to choose and which colors suit you best so you can be able to wear them in any season, in any month of the year, and best of all, with anything.

Make sure your closet has these essentials: a pair of great looking jeans that look good on you, cashmere tops, and your basic black skirt.

Men’s Shorts

Shorts are an essential item of clothing for anyone living in a warm climate; they keep you cool and have a lot of variations from swimming shorts to smart dressy versions so you will be able to find the right pair for any event. Shorts are ideal for exercising, with the freedom of movement and less coverage to keep you cooler, try some jersey shorts for a game of Frisbee in the park; the smarter versions can go straight to the bar afterwards. There are swimming shorts available that are suitable for wearing out on a day trip, so keep your vacation packing to a minimum by throwing in a couple of pairs of smarter swim shorts. Whether you are heading for the golf course in tailored chino shorts or hitting the beach in funky patterned surfer shorts you can keep up with the latest trends.

Make a splash

When you head to the beach throw on some swim or surf shorts for the perfect beach to water look. These type of shorts are made from material that is lightweight and dries really quickly so you can be in and out of the water all day without being constantly damp. They are generally in bold, bright colors; try the season’s prints in flowers and foliage or go for color block shorts in bright spring shades. If you prefer monotone patterns try the black fern on white background beach shorts, and if you like things a little bit retro go for the classic Hawaiian print of hibiscus flowers. For a more subtle look try a plain black pair of shorts or a minimalist print with tiny shapes instead of the bold prints.

Keep it classic

Tailored shorts are the perfect choice for a round of golf or a barbeque in a friend’s back yard; pair them with a polo shirt or regular button down shirt to keep your look smart. For a slightly less formal occasion try plaid patterned shorts or a checked print; match them with a plain shirt or T shirt. Cargo shorts are a really good choice for a hike or a walk in the park; they have lots of pockets to carry everything and are really comfortable with plenty of freedom of movement. Shorts are the classic choice for any kind of sport throw on some flannel shorts for a trip to the gym; add tighter stretchy shorts beneath for extra support if you like.

Shorts are an important part of any man’s wardrobe, even if you don’t live in a hot climate you need shorts for a vacation or playing sport. Avoid the really short styles unless you are heading for an eighties revival party; knee length shorts are the most flattering and appropriate for most occasions. Try out some of the seasons bright, bold colors for your swim shorts, and give a big floral pattern a whirl or try out some pastel shades to give yourself a fresh, on trend look for the spring.

Are Casual Shirts Fit for the Office?

Should you be wearing casual shirts to the workplace? This is often a question brought about by employees and employers alike and the truth is it really depends on how formal the business attire in a particular office is. One office might require its workers to wear full-blown suits while another might consider polo shirts or dress shirts formal enough. However there is a standard that most workplaces are settling for and here is a quick but in-depth look at that standard. 

Polo Shirts Are As Casual As You Can Get

Polo shirts or tennis shirts are about as casual as you can get in the office. The reason for this is because polo shirts have been regarded as casual-formal wear for college students, golf players, and tennis players for decades. As a matter of fact, most high-end private colleges prefer their students to wear polo shirts whenever they are not in full business attire. This is because this type of shirt goes very well with formal slacks and dress shoes. 

This is even further implied with the ongoing trend that celebrities and politicians have been going through lately. Even the president has been seen going around in casual polo shirts whenever he is not doing political work, such as his charity work with his wife or public speeches in areas where it is too hot or impractical to wear a suit. 

Chequered Flannel and Plaid Are Getting Attention

However there is a new trend making their way into the office. Chequered plaid shirts and flannel shirts are also seeing some acceptance in some offices. They are considered to be very casual but because they too sport high buttons on the collar, sleeves, and are button-down so they at least have the same design as formal dress shirts. The patterns and fabrics are where they are different however these casual shirts do work well with jeans. 

Jeans are starting to become the go-to choice for casual-formal wear. Many offices are now allowing their employees to go in wearing denim pants and flannel/plaid chequered shirts are the perfect match. You could point it as a throwback to the industrial wear of old, back when jeans were used for industrial workers but with the line between blue-collared jobs and white-collared jobs starting to fade, this trend is seeing itself blend into formal offices. 

The Changing Trends

One other thing to consider is the change in trends. Offices are starting to accept that employee comfort is a major factor in better production and casual wear is one of the best ways to achieve that. Back then image was everything and thus every office forced their employees to stick to a very tight dress code that required formal dress shirts and suits. Nowadays better production, comfort, and a little leniency is the new talk of the town and thus casual wear are seeing their place in the workplace. So is it fit for an office to switch over to allow casual wear be a part of the office dress code? In many regards yes, as trends are still shifting and adapting. However, it is very likely that casual shirts will be accepted into most offices by the turn of the next two years.